1) Never publish too many posts at one time. keep certain time gap for publish ing betwen 2 posts.
2) Dont publish post on weekends.(you may not get expected Visits)

3) I have experienced that if you publish post with certain time gap and share it to social networking sites, Visitors are doubled.

4) Take time and write simple, Quality articles with your own content.

 5) Try to include some images /wallpapers/ or photos if possible, which makes site/blog attractive.

6) Share your new post to social networking sites immediately after publishing it, to get some traffic.
Start with one site/blog and create more & more.

7) All blogs should be linked to each other to increase the probability of visits.

8) Post comments on friends and other popular blogs and leave a backlink to your blog.

Nice article, Definitely it will help me to enhance my skills.

9) Answer some questions in Yahoo answer/ Wiki answers and leave a backlink to your blog.

Actively participate in Discusion forums with topics related to your blog.

Submit your blog to different feeders.eg. (http://feedburner.google.com/)

Create your Xml site map. and submit it to Google,Yahoo, Bing, Ask.com etc