You are very Lucky.

The Blogger's free, practical, primer guide to make optimised quality and productive  blog and increase adsense/ affiliate marketing earnings.

Author is a Professional Software Developer with over 4 years of experience in Education field.

Few things I would like to make it clear.

1) You have to spend a lot of time on Intrn working on your blog/site.

Be aware of invalid clicks. Never Click on your own ads by any means.

Do not populate your blog/site with too many large ads.

Use text ads(Blend template) in the middle of each post, advertisement border, font color and size should match with your blog.

My Blogging ABC's:

1) Select any blogging service (that allow publishing ads)

2) Choose a permanent, attractive, meaningful  blog/site name that represents your entire blog/site content. eg:

3) Avoid changing blog/site name as it may affect your search engine listing adn ranking.

4) Use simple, light colored  design template scheme with 3 columns layout preferably.

5) Use simple font and Normal font size throught your site/blog (except heading and title).

6) Take time and create META tags.

<meta name='description' content='fun with C- programming by' />

meta tags help search engine listing.

7) Publish your first post and move to search engine listing.